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Helping You Mine Profitably

Order Manager

An Order Manager was created to mine profitability on NiceHash mainly out of frustration trying to figure out how what price will turn a profit. If a Running Order is displayed next to the Pricing Examples, it uses the Order Manager to only mine when market conditions show that a profit can be made based on the assumptions and calculations shown in the Target and Max price examples.

The current version of the Order Manager performs the following functions:

  • Uses the same numbers shown in the Target and Maximum examples to determine profitability and set a price for an order.
  • Checks current price and speed to maintain speed by adjusting price up to the current maximum.
  • Allows the Order to stop mining if the target price moves above the maximum or reduces speed.
  • If maximum price drops and target price is not profitable, reduces speed until order can be replaced.
  • If the price dips a significant amount, it will cancel and replace the order at a lower price.
  • It will refill orders when low, after checking the account balance.

The Order Manager is not available to the public at this time. We are exploring turning the Order Manager into a service, but honestly have not determined what the interest level is or have figured out how to charge for it. It would be great to offer it for free, but that does not pay the bills. If you would like to be notified about the Order Manager status when milestones are hit or would like to be considered for the beta (if a public version is created), please submit the form below. The more interest, the more likely a publicly available version will be created.